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Definition: "cell of epithelium, the layer of cells that cover the external surface of an organism as well as forming an inner lining between the tissues and organs of that organism and the external environment. In C. elegans epithelial cells include epithelium of the alimentary tract, intestinal cells, hypodermis, interfacial cells and somatic gonad cells." [WB:rynl, WBPaper:00038216]
JCEG ID Family Name Locus Tag Human Ortholog Name OMIM GWAS Catalog
JCEG159 * = Sulfotransferase and sulfation-related genes hst-3.2 F52B10.2 HS3ST3A1 HS3ST3B1 HS3ST2 HS3ST4 HS3ST5 HS3ST6 604056
MAPPED 2.0E-6 24324551
MAPPED 7.0E-7 0.0437 (unit increase) [NR] 24086445
MAPPED 0.381 4.0E-6 (Dominant model) 1.647 [1.264-2.146] 23648065
UPSTREAM 0.2 1.0E-6 1.19 [NR] 19525955
DOWNSTREAM 0.04 2.0E-6 0.082 (unit increase)] 22823124

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